What Exactly is Book Coaching?

It’s hiring someone who has done the thing that you want to do: write their book. 

Only 0.6% of people actually follow through and get their book published.

Is it hard to do? No. It’s methodical, it’s a dance, it’s an evolution of healing and transforming and believing in yourself to do what you have been called upon to do.

Data tells us that people who hire a coach are 4x more likely to experience success in their endeavors than doing it on their own. 

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JC is the Founder + CEO of R House Publishing, Author, Mother, Wife, and Coach. 
She wrote her story with the hope of sharing her truth and her family’s trials and helping others navigate the process of this so-called life that is intertwined with all the good and all the good. 
She didn’t realize in 2012, when she was writing her story, that it would help all the people it did. 
Since then, she’s built her own publishing company and helped many around the world come back home to themselves through the powerful art of writing and transformation in telling our stories. 
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