God got my attention at the age of 5 and continues to use me in unique ways. It can sometimes trigger others that live in extreme certainty with their religion. It’s mainly because I ask questions, lots of them. I found it was dangerous to restrict myself to have the same exact relationship with God that others have. There are too many times where I have seen him shine in both traditional and very unique ways. I believe God is in e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.

I seek God’s invisible hand in all that comes my way (people, circumstances, signs, numbers, songs, a butterfly, etc.) I’m a believer that we are spiritual beings first, having a human experience second, and there is a thin veil between us where we can connect and/or ask for help. I love Jesus and everything about him, but I’m that girl that still occasionally uses the F word.

So, sometimes I don’t fit neatly into a religious box. I used to try so that others remained comfortable, but ever since turning 50, I am less likely to spend time people-pleasing these days. I am only obedient to what God thinks, and I, like you, have a private relationship that can’t be judged by anyone outside of it. So, bottom line, I love God, and I believe there is good in the world. So be it. So be it.