Let me start by saying: We are alright. So often, after someone finishes my memoir, they will urgently reach out to my editor or me to ask how we are today. The concern is heartwarming, but I don’t want anyone worried about us. We are as flawsome as ever. Over the years, we have carried on and endured the ups and downs of life as all the people in this world do. Somedays this world feels like the Land of Plenty, and somedays, it feels like the Land of Lack.

Our focus is to expect the unfolding of life to continue to be a process that is there to serve us right in a divine way. We lean on God and allow light to lead the way while we do the work necessary to create the lives we desire to live. We grow day by day, gaining and grasping at the lessons along the way. We choose to be real rather than perfect, so you may even see one of us as less than 6 perfect once in a while. My family and I are as flawsome as any other. Our goal now is to be as authentic as possible and show up for whoever needs us.

We are, after all, ALL sharing the same road to GET HOME.

What my family thinks about me writing this tell-all memoir: I started this book to heal myself, and when it got hard, and I wanted to quit, I made a decision to finish it for my husband, Bill, and our three kids. I figured that it wouldn’t matter if a single soul read it. It could simply be a document (a trust fund, if you will) that I could give the kids where they would see how hard we worked on ourselves individually, each other, and on our marriage in order to keep the family connected in love and if possible, together. Today, they appreciate the Amazon reviews and comments. They see how it is “our story,” but it is clear that other families find their story in i too. And for that, we are happy to share this.

THEN (in NC):