I have a crazy deep love for people…all people of all faiths and lack of faith. I am fascinated with the roads they took, the road they’re on, and where they’re going. I have a gift for seeing the light and the good in their travels and love to share this. If you spend time with me, you’ll notice that I’ll turn you inward (BEGIN WITHIN) ‘cause you really are the one you’ve been waiting for. I know, I’m rolling my eyes too. It’s been said so many times. Our family is often messy/flaw some. Because of this appreciation, we love the outcasts and seeing the authenticity in people -the more real, the better. Since having a lot of money and then having none, our exposure to people is vast. We 3 don’t care where people come from; we care where their heart is. The bigger, the better.

This book has attracted the good in the world to us. So we are pleased and appreciative of who we have touched, helped, and met along the way. We look forward to whatever reach it is meant to have and to appreciate even more good coming from it. If you are working alongside me, I will start by saying, “You can meet all the best teachers out there, but I would have you begin within and trust yourHIGHERself first. After that, I have access to a brilliant network of healers of all kinds and it grows and transforms continuously exactly how it is meant too. It’s quite magical actually…and so are you. Whether you are temporarily derailed in health, wealth, relationships, emotions, or any circumstance it is worth going on the hunt to seek greater understanding of it all in order to uncover the path to healing, unique to you. The only reason any derailment feels awful is that it sheds light on what you know yourHIGHERself can be living. You can get there. Everything is going to be alright. It’s all part of the plan. You got this. Let me prove it to you. And it is done.